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Few things are more powerful than a collaboration between strong, talented women.

The Independent Style Co. was created when photographer Steph Simmons and I, Chrys Chapman, hair & makeup artist, teamed up to deliver a powerhouse of a Makeup Styling Masterclass.

We combined product and technique education, expert application and dynamic photography.

Our first clients had arrived nervous and intimidated by their previous experiences, and left with enduring images capturing their final results — looking and feeling both beautiful and empowered.

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Style is Your Super Power

Ever wished you knew what colours suited you? Or how to choose the best foundation? Or how to take a beautiful photo? Let us show you!

Makeup counters can be intimidating. Style advice can be biased. And who wants to fight for photo likes, when the like that really counts is your own.

Our masterclasses are designed to identify your needs and style preferences, equip you with the knowledge and skills to create your own stunning looks everyday and leave you feeling like you on your very best day.

Starting at £100 we offer unparalleled value and results. All our masterclass participants will receive unbiased skincare and makeup advice to achieve their ideal look, as well as a lesson to apply those products, a written summary of those products (with option of adding personal shopping services), and an online photo gallery of session highlights and their finished look.

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Intimate and Individualised

Keeping the session truly bespoke this is a great choice for an individual or two friends to benefit from our exclusive skincare, makeup & photography services.

Bring your makeup bag along to learn how to use what you already have and what you can add to refresh your collection.

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The More the Merrier

For groups of 3 - 5 people, this Masterclass is a fun way to share the experience of style education and empowerment, surrounded by your friends and creating beautiful memories.

Whether you’re getting the book club together for some non fiction fun or gathering your co-workers for an out of office event.

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Teen Focus

In an Insta-filtered world the pressure on teens just starting their relationship and journey with skincare and makeup can be overwhelming.

This session introduces our younger clients to products that are age appropriate and suit their unique needs, while establishing a healthy relationship with the beauty world.

In addition to the skincare and makeup education, we’ll address the personal motivation to wear makeup and how to channel her inner boss girl power.


A picture’s worth a thousand words

In today’s visual heavy world, we don’t always get a thousand words to tell our stories. Your style choices from hair, makeup, fashion and photos — they all tell your brand’s story, which is as unique and captivating as you are.

When you feel beautiful, you feel powerful. That’s the the kind of power that leaps off a page or screen and speaks directly to your audience. What do you want your story to be? We’ll help you tell it.

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Here Come the Girls

- Hen Party - Birthday - Anniversary - Christmas Gift - Prom Pre Party -

There are countless reasons to gather your girl tribe and let us provide the styling and the studio. We’ll give you some top takeaway tips, as well as some gorgeous images as forever keepsakes.

photo by Eyesome Photography

photo by Eyesome Photography

We Like to Party

Our youngest clients get the same fantastic standard that we offer all our clients. We offer a menu of services for the guest of honour to choose from to create her perfect party. We recommend choosing 3 of the following services, and we always include a photography package, because these are memories you’ll want to keep forever.

  • Eyeshadow

  • Cheeks & Lips

  • Festival Inspired Makeup

  • Nails

  • Mini Pedicures

  • Facials

  • Head, Shoulders & Back Massage

  • Hair Styling

  • Glitter Tattoos