Superfoods: They're Not Just For Breakfast

When is the last time you booked some time out for yourself? Or gifted some pamper time to a special someone? I had to ask myself this very question when the gorgeous team at Elemis, the #1 Luxury British Skincare Brand, at John Lewis, York invited me in to test drive their newest additions the their super luxurious skincare range -- The Superfood Squad. I’m more than a little embarrassed to admit that a quick scan over the past few months’ diary entries revealed that I was shamefully overdue any real personal care time (unless of course you count time stood in front of the tele folding and ironing). Needless to say, I jumped at the chance.

I know I won’t be alone when I make a bit of a funny admission to you. I don’t like people touching my face. The irony of the fact that I touch people’s faces for a living is not lost on me. Fortunately, I’ve known the Elemis team since the location opened years ago, back when I was on the Laura Mercier counter opposite. Knowing I was in the safest of hands, and was able to truly surrender myself to the superfood infused experience. 

Elemis Products Trolley Photo.jpg

The first thing I have to say about a facial with the Elemis, JLP York team is that you have to abandon the notion that you are going into a shop. Because John Lewis operates a strict no music policy on their shop floors, upon entering the treatment room, I immediately was struck by how peaceful and secluded it felt. And true to the multi-sensory nature of a facial, the temperature and linens were warm and enveloping, music soothing and the smells were divine. Once I was settled in and the treatment was underway I could tell I was in the hands of an incredibly experienced and adept beauty therapist, whose skill was matched by the quality of the products. Truly indulgent!

Now, in case you’re in doubt, not all skincare ranges are created equally. There is a dizzying array of product lines and combinations to choose from. Even though I’m a fully qualified beauty therapist, I think I might have struggled to navigate their product guide. Fortunately I didn’t have to choose my own perfect skincare combination. Amy, my skin therapist, was able to assess my skin and make the best product choices for me. After a gentle cleanse and tone (Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser and Soothing Apricot Toner), my skin was treated to a brightening Papaya Enzyme Peel (a product I already have in my personal collection, so I can attest to loving this one today and beyond) and a positively sumptuous, super-hydrating treatment with their signature Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Eye. 

Then it was time for the main event! The newest additions to Elemis’ Superfoods Family. Let me be clear. When marketing people throw words like superfoods around, it instantly sets me on full on alert. I don’t like the idea of being hoodwinked into liking big promising products, only to find that uber-luxurious, nutrition-packed, no-holds-bar-superior by label tube/ tub might actually just be a sticker selling me glorified fruit cocktail. I feel pretty strongly about the whole thing. So my expectations were sky high for the Superfoods Family additions. Here’s what I thought.  

Elemis Superfoods on Trolley .jpg

The Berry Boost Mask -- a purifying mask made with Brazilian Purple Clay. It’s detoxing, mattifying and packed with an antioxidant punch -- brilliant for general skin brightening. Did I mention the smell? It was somewhere between berry bliss and strawberry bubblegum. And better still? My T-zone stayed shine free all day. I’m going to share a little secret with you... I have black heads. On my nose. Quite a lot. I always have. I could tell this mask had had a good affect on that problem area, and I think regular use probably would provide some really brilliant clarifying results. 

Amy decided to use a multi-mask technique, using the Berry Boost Mask on the areas of my face that are most prone to shine and congestion, while using newcomer, Vital Veggie Mask on the areas that need a bit of thirst quenching (so cheeks and jaw line predominantly). I have to tell you this was my favourite product from the range. Designed to keep skin looking bright it’s like a ordering a shot of green goodness in your Joe the Juice. Extracts from Avocado and Kale, together with Chia Seed Oil lock in hydration, while Passionfruit acids brighten (those gorgeous antioxidants again). 

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Last, but most certainly not least, was the Kefir-Tea Mist. I was pretty sceptical about this one. Anything that looks like toner makes me nervous, which likely stems from my earliest beauty department experiences. I was 13. It was Clinique. If you know, you know. Happily this Mist was made with gentler results in mind. I think we can agree, if you’re buying this one for the smell, you may be a little disappointed. However, if you’re buying it for multi-use treatment mist infused with powerful biological ingredients you are definitely on to a winner. The Kefir-Tea is a toner, an on-the-go skin refresher, a makeup primer and a setting spray that’s great for your skin. It adds an instant brightness and hydration hit. I do love a multi use product, so this one gets my thumbs up. 

Oh, and while the masks were busy doing their thang, I was treated to a neck, decollete and shoulder massage with using an Elemis classic -- the Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend (if you don’t have one, get it on your Valentine’s Day wish list!). There really is a therapeutic power in beauty and massage treatments. My mind was able to release so many worries and stresses, even if for just a few minutes.  The value in those few minutes to my mental health was as important as the rejuvenating affects were for my skin.  It was a precious gift to have the time to refocus and refresh. 

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When it comes to gifting the Elemis, John Lewis York team have a great offer on at the moment so you can gift the one you love with the same selfcare I got to enjoy. From now until Valentine’s day, you can buy one 30 minute facial and get a second for half price. That’s some refocus and refresh time for you and for the one you love. 

Elemis prides itself on blending innovations of science with the the chemistry of nature. So work your couple chemistry and book in for a Valentine’s Day treat for each other. To take advantage of this offer call Amy or Rachel on 01904 557977.

As an extra special bonus for my readers the Elemis team at John Lewis, York the first 10 clients to get booked will also receive an additional 15 minute complimentary facial. Just quote Elemis19.  

I thoroughly enjoyed my Elemis experience. Let me know if you and your beloved take up this limited offer and how you get on.