Tea for Two at Harrogate Tea Rooms

Tea Room With Owner.jpg

Isn't it the best thing EVER when you find a small, independent, local business that provides faultless service and a unique experience? And what makes it better? A cuppa and CAKE. Cakes of endless description, all mouth-watering flavours on offer, with freshly baked aroma seducing your taste buds from the kitchen. (and the lovely lady above is Carrie, the woman responsible for literally dreaming up the flavours of the cakes and scones, as well as  personally baking them... among her many roles at the family-run Tea Room).

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely, Sarah of the fantastic SunshineSarahXO blog at this local hideaway. Sarah and I recently met a blogging networking event, but didn't really get a chance to connect properly. So we did what most Northern Lasses would when we needed a grown up playdate -- we made a date for a brew and a chat. 

A recent social media post has seen a real boost in customer traffic at the Harrogate Tea Room's popularity. Until that post depicting a very quiet Tea Room (spotlessly clean and stocked to the brim, just waiting for eager customers) devoid of diners, did the rounds on Facebook and the like, it was completely unknown to me. It's almost hidden away in the Westminster Arcade in the centre of Harrogate, and well worth a visit. 

I realise this isn't strictly about makeup or hair or beauty. And for that, I refuse to apologise.

Tea rooms scones.jpg

They'll happily serve you some of the best scones (or other baked treats) in town and a vast array of teas and coffees. The decor is homely, the service friendly and your contribution to supporting a local business and the Harrogate community means you'll leave with only a good taste in your mouth -- as will all the delicious food and drink on offer. 

I came for the Darjeeling. I left with a lovely Monday morning catch up and the feel good factor. Because though those things take up a huge amount of my time, both personally and professionally, they aren't the be all and end all. Time with friends -- old and new. A good cup of tea. And something sweet. I can't think of a nicer way to start the week. 

Until next time Harrogate Tea Rooms!! Can't wait to see what baked creations you have in store for us. 

Chrys Chapman