Harrogate Collaboration Styled Shoot


This post is shamefully overdue! It's the end of June and I'm only just posting these gorgeous photos. 

So, back in May I was asked to contribute to a styled shoot, and I'm so pleased with the end results. We were so fortunate with the weather -- the Sun Pavilion in Harrogate looked positively glorious. 

If I'm being honest, it was a bit of whirlwind shoot, as so many editorial experiences can be. It's in times like this, that you really do have to engage all the experience you've acquired through the years. I had 15 minutes to create this look (well, 20 because I begged the taxi driver to give me a touch extra time). As I blended eyeshadow and contoured cheekbones, I had a flashback to a particularly gruelling interview/ presentation that went spectacularly wrong. But like good entrepreneurs, instead of seeing the failure (I did not get the job), I decided to focus on what I could learn. 

That presentation, which obviously still haunts me occasionally, taught me to always focus on the most important elements of the look I'm creating and if I'm under time constraints, get those on and perfected first. It may seem simplistic, but like most professions, makeup artistry can become repetitive. We all have our preferred order of application. But the difference between a proficient makeup artist, and a great one, can come down to the ability to prioritise in order to masterfully execute a brief. 

At any rate... I'm waxing a bit poetic. Here are some of the photos from that day. 

Chrys Chapman